The call for proposals for the scientific programme is now open.

Symposium/Presentation Proposal

Proposals are invited for 90 minute sessions: the session may follow a “traditional” symposium structure with 3 to 4 talks, of which one may be chosen from submitted abstracts, but other session structure ideas are welcome. If you don’t wish to submit a full session, but have an interesting topic in mind for a single presentation, you may submit a single topic/presentation proposal.  

Your session or presentation proposal should include:

  1. Tentative title of the session (not required for single presentation)
  2. Description of the session or presentation, including the motivation and structure (3-6 sentences)
  3. Suggested speaker(s) and title for their presentation(s)

Workshop or Short Course

If you are interested in hosting a workshop or short course before or after the main conference, please feel free to reach out with a proposal:

  1. Workshop title
  2. Contact information and affiliation of organising person/institution
  3. Description of the workshop and materials provided (3-6 sentences)
  4. Expected number of attendees
  5. Proposed timing (pre- or post-conference) and duration of workshop
  6. Additional requirements for the venue, AV/IT details

Keynote Speakers

We welcome suggestions on keynote speakers. Please include their name, contact information, the topic of the presentation and your reason for the recommendation.

Please email your proposals to with the subject line: “Programming Submission for WCoP 2020” by July 31st, 2019.

We are looking forward to receiving your suggestions to deliver an informative and interesting program!