Please follow these guidelines carefully. Failure to comply with these guidelines will prevent an abstract from being considered for presentation at the WCoP 2020 Meeting.

How to Submit: Abstract submissions are accepted online only. Please click here to create your profile.

Submitters may return to the abstract submission site up to the deadline to edit an abstract. Please note: In order to edit an existing abstract, you would be required to leave your abstract in a “draft” format whilst you are working in the abstract portal. Once you submit your abstract, you are unable to edit.

Deadline: 15 October 2019

Abstract Type: Oral or Poster Abstracts will be reviewed in one of the following categories:

  • Application
  • Methodology
  • Software demonstration
  • Tutorial

Click here to download the Word Template

Format: The submission form will collect data in a print-ready format that requires separate data entry in each field of the abstract. Please see below for specific format guidelines and limitations:

TITLE: The maximum character count for the title is 150 characters, excluding spaces. AUTHORS: Please follow ICMJE guidelines on authorship. Please underline the presenting author’s name

INSTITUTION: please list the institutions in the same order as the author list with superscript numbers to link author with institution

ABSTRACT BODY: (Please cover the following sections in your abstract)

BACKGROUND: State the research objective and the importance of the study being conducted. End this section with the aim of the presentation.

METHODS: For studies involving human subjects, a statement must be provided confirming approval by an Ethics Committee/Institutional Review Board.

RESULTS: Present the main outcomes of the study.

CONCLUSION: State that the conclusion is directly supported by the evidence and implications of the findings.


Format requirements: Character Limit: 1,550 characters, not including spaces. The character count only includes text in the body of the abstract.

Tables and Graphics: There is a 400-character penalty for each table or graphic, and each abstract submission is permitted a single graphic or table. Graphics are limited to a single panel and tables are limited to 25 cells. Excessive content within a figure or table will be removed and/ or cause the submission overall to be disqualified. Color graphics are strongly encouraged. Graphics submitted in color will be published in color at no cost to the authors.

Minimum Resolutions for figures

Halftone images, 300 dpi (dots per inch) Color images, 300 dpi saved as CMYK Images containing text, 400 dpi Line art, 1000 dpi


Figure Width – single Image 86 mm (Should be able to fit into a single column)

Text size

8 point (Should be readable after reduction- avoid large type or thick lines) Line Width between 0.5 and 1 point

File Types


Failure Criteria: The following failure criteria apply to all abstract submissions. If the reviewers identify any of these concerns in an abstract, it will not be accepted:

  • Abstract is promotional in nature and not scientific
  • Abstract does not contain adequate data to support the conclusion of the study. This failure criterion applies to most types of abstracts. However, it is not possible to present actual data in an abstract for some study types (for example, some literature reviews). In such cases, lack of data does not lead to rejection
  • Abstract (in its entirety) is a previously submitted abstract to other meetings that was presented. Previously submitted abstracts with new data is acceptable to expand on the knowledge gained.

Review: All abstracts will be peer reviewed and scored by members of WCoP 2020.Reviewers will use these Abstract Submission Guidelines, including the failure criteria, to score the abstracts. All decisions are final and there is no appeal mechanism.

Notification: Notifications will be sent by email in December 2019 to the email address of the presenting author on file within the online submission system. Please be sure the contact information is correct.

Publication: Accepted abstracts will be eligible for publication in a special supplement to CPT:PSP. Authors will be required to complete a conflict of interest declaration form as well as a license to publish form prior to publication.

Please be sure to review abstracts thoroughly – the abstracts will be published exactly as they are submitted. WCoP 2020 will not edit abstracts.

Withdrawal: Only the primary author may withdraw an accepted or submitted abstract, but we will notify all authors of the withdrawal. Requests for withdrawals must be in writing the Chair of WCoP 2020 Scientific Committee to

Abstract Presentation: All accepted abstracts will be presented in person at the WCoP 2020 Meeting as an oral or poster presentation by one of the authors. If for any reason the presenter is unable to attend the meeting, a substitution must be made. Author list cannot be modified once accepted for presentation.